Judging the International Bodypainting Festival 2011, Daegu, South Korea

In September 2012 I had the honour to be part of the Jury at the International Bodypainting festival in Daegu, South-Korea.It was a great competition with many contestants mainly from Asia.

But also foreign artists like Wolf Reicherter and the dream team of "Living Canvas" Madelyn Greco and Scott Fray competed.

The level of quality was amazingly high and we had a very hard time choosing the first 3 places.During the days after the festival the organizers had set up a great touristic program for us.

We visited a traditional paper factory as well as an ancient little korean village.Travelling with so many great people really was fun.

Above: Judging the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival

The winners!

Mike Shane Bodypainting Daegu Winners


While on the road to judging the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival in 2012, Bella and I (once again!) managed to get stuck in the middle of a huge typhoon. Bolaven was said to be the strongest typhoon hitting Seoul in the past 50!! years.

Schools closed their doors, public transportation was shut down and the whole city was in an anxious waiting position at the time the center of the storm was supposed to arrive.

Fortunately the storm never hit Seoul the way meteorolgist predicted it.

Nevertheless it was a f**** spooky experience.

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