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Find the answers to the most common questions about bodypainting.

1. Do we need to book the models separately?

No! We hold a small model-agency and can provide the models you need for your event.If however you want to provide the models yourself problem.In this case you will receive profound information about the do's and don'ts concerning a bodypainting model.



2. What are the set-requirements?

The location size depends on the number of artists and models in the team.In general you can calculate 2m²/person. (6 sqft)On the set we need tables, chairs, barstools, electricity (220V) and easy access to washrooms.Furthermore drinks and snacks for the team need to be provided.In order to keep "over motivated" guests off distance we kindly ask you to either up level our working area or provide us with a lining.If we work backstage our working area needs to be located near washrooms, should have GOOD light and most importantly needs to have heating possibility and be lockable.Please note that big productions need big teams! :)



3. What are the costs?

Costs basically depend on the amount of models you book but can vary strongly depending on the specials and extras respectively on the design.We will adapt the costs as precisely as possible to your inquiry and will be pleased to send you a free and non binding quote.Arising transport-, accommodation- and catering costs for artists and models will be billed.



4. What is the's range of activity?

Depending on the customers' wishes and the budget our range of activity includes:


creative conception

scribbles and layouts

model booking

event decoration

stage design

event organization and handling

styling and beauty make-up

photo documentation

custom painting



We dispose of a wide spread network of artists and professionals who allow us to "make the impossible possible". :)



5. Can you integrate our logo into the artwork?

Yes! This in fact is one of our specialties. We will be pleased to realize your company presentation and we guarantee highest standards in color and precision for our logopaintings.Required data: vectorised files (.AI or .EPS)Please make sure you send us your data at least one week prior to the event.

6. Booking and cancelation

Please allow a handling time of approx. 3 weeks prior to your event.


Cancelation fees


Until one week before the event: 50% of the gross amount.

One week or less before the event: 70% of the gross amount

The day of the event: 100% of the gross amount



7. How many models can be painted at a time?

Due to our wide artist network we can produce as many bodypaintings as needed.Infrastructure, painting technique, artistic concept and timelines are important factors for the calculation of the number of models.



8. How much time do you need for a bodypainting?

Depending on the concept a full bodypainting needs between 2,5h and 6h.Halfbody: approx. 2h - 3hBodyparts: approx. 30min - 1h



9. What kind of colors are used?

We exclusively work with dermatologicaly tested body paint especially developed for the human skin.We use water-, oil- or alcohol based paints.



10. How long is the durability of a bodypainting and how can it be removed?

Usually bodypainting is an artwork for a day that will simply be washed off under the shower using regular shower gel or soap. If temporary tattoos or glitter tattoos are desired we use special paints that will last longer.(up to 3-5 days)



11. Can you provide photo documentation or photo packages?

Yes. Our network includes excellent photographers and printshops.We can arrange a full service photo documentation.






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