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Mike Shane showcases his work and holds workshops all over the world. Follow his artistic career and keep up-to-date with his international projects.

When I founded the project "Body-painting around the globe" in the year 2000 I couldn't have expected what I would be experiencing in the following years.

What started as a "bridging" between cultures has developed over the years into a big part of my artistic work. On this page I present the most memorable gigs along the way.

International Body-painting Festivals, Workshops, Performances and jury participations.

Mike Shane

January 9th-11th, 2015

WB Academy Workshop in Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Commercial Bodypainting workshop for WB Academy and meeting up with Alex B., Anna B., Alex Hansen and Erasmo Daaz at La casa de maquillaje in Spain. 

November 20st, 2014

SCHINKO - Tattoo Imagecampaign Print

Linz, Austria

This was maybe the most ambitious and one of the most strenous jobs I've ever done.

Weeks of designing the perfect "maori tattoos", weeks for the production of the vectorgraphics and in the end a 17 hour studio production with my pal OBSN in order to get the damn thing on the skin ---IN PERFECTION!

January, 25th 2014

Bodypainting meets Fashion | Ardea Luh and Mike Shane cooperation

Graz, Austria

Last saturday i had the honor to cooperate with the amazing fashiondesigner Elke Steffen from the label We designed Carmen la muse's dress for the highclass ball "Grazer Redoute" that took place at the beautiful opera house in Graz. Carmen was breathtaking! Thanx for this amazing opportunity.

Oct. 2013

Action Painting and Bodypainting Exhibition at Samsung's "Blue Square" and Workshops in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea

My third adventure in South-Korea. This time I had the honour of performing live at the Samsung Blue Square in Seoul. I was invited by the KMAA Korean Makeup Artist Association. The show was sponsored by Kryolan. The models were branded for WBA World Bodypainting Association, KMAA and Kryolan.

July 5-7, 2013

What's on a man's mind 2.0 | WBF-Installation Award 2013

Pörtschach, Austria

As a child i remember being fascinated by a drawing my uncle had hung up his wall.It was the famous illustration of Sigmund Freud with a woman integrated into his face. I remember that as a 6 year old i completely understood the message: Men have women on their mind...most of the time. I think this picture is representative for most bodypainters out there. Whether male or female, bodypainters have bodies on their minds. :)

Sep.1-2, 2012

Judging the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival

Daegu, South Korea

In September 2012 I had the honour to be part of the Jury at the International Bodypainting festival in Daegu, South-Korea.


It was a great competition with many contestants mainly from Asia. But also foreign artists like Wolf Reicherter and the dream team of "Living Canvas" Madelyn Greco and Scott Fray competed.

Aug.19, 2012

SIBPA Swiss International Bodypainting Day

Köniz, Switzerland

Melanie Rodel and Marc Gerber did a great job organizing the first SIBPA (Swiss International Bodypainting Award) in August 2012 in Köniz, Switzerland.

I was part of the Jury and was asked to perform a Live Action painting on stage. 

Marc Gerber, Melanie's husband is a magnificant guitar player and so we decided to let him "jam" with us on stage.

Good times in Switzerland! :)



Nov.20, 2011

Caracas, Venezuela

What was supposed to be a "regular" Action-Painting-Gig turned out to be the most energetic "Art Connects" - Project for me ever since the founding of the project by Ferenc Hottya in 2004.


The idea remains the same...connecting artists in order to potentiate the art.I personally love to connect by opening up my stage towards other artists.

The energy that starts flowing the moment you look into a fellow artists eyes 

Mar.24. - Apr.2.2011

Koh Samui, Thailand

The tourist authority of "sunny" Thailand had invited us to this prestigeous Bodypainting-Competition on Lamai Beach, Koh Samui. 


The competition was a wonderful success for the participating "CREACHIEFS", Birgit Mörtl, Bella Volen, Lena Pock and myself. We placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

Nobody had expected what followed ...



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