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Whether you use bodypainting as an artistic feature or as a pure promotional tool - bodypainting is as versatile as a chameleon and offers a great number of possibilities to be used in your business.


The magnetic trade-fair stand.

Live Paintings perfectly work for Trade fairs, Points of Sales or events that generally require an eye-catching feature. Not only can the visitors follow the process of painting, they keep returning to the see the work in progress. This so called "jojo-effect" is an excellent opportunity to build up custumor relations. In addition the bodypainted models can hand... 


Enhance you event with glamourous Models.

The big surplus with bodypainting is the creation of a living artwork that can move, dance, perform and present.A bodypainting-design that fits the theme of your event will underline it, create a special atmosphere and will catch every customers eye. This is the reason why bodypainting is THE perfect promotional- and marketing tool.

Bodypainting Guests

Small, beautiful taggings on

the skin of your guests.

Whether Open-air festivals, kids parties or music festivals. Applying small bodypaintings, so called taggings, on free skinparts of your guests will immediately make them feel special. The artist/s (depending on the number of people to be tagged) can be booked from one to more hours. Taggings will take approximately...


Offer your guests an explosive color experience.

During an action-painting performance the models are being painted and splashed live on stage in front of the audience. Other than the previously mentioned possibilities, the weight here lies on the creating-process itself.The models appearances change continuously and the artwork transforms ...

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