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Installation Award @ WBF 2013

"What's on a man's mind 2.0"

Photo: Ossi Eder

Models: Melanie, Steffi, Lisi

As a child i remember being fascinated by a drawing my uncle had hung up his wall.It was the famous illustration of Sigmund Freud

with a woman integrated into his face. I remember that as a 6 year old i completely understood the message: Men have women on their mind...most of the time.I think this picture is representative for most bodypainters out there.

Whether male or female, bodypainters have bodies on their minds. :)

I was actually looking for new possibilities of how i could enhance my action-paintings so i decided to re-interpret the painting with living models.In parallel my life had changed dramatically since i moved into my new house in the woods. Being broke most of the time had never felt so unstressfull while living in the middle of nature.

WBF-Installation Award 2013

The fact of being "cut-of" from the regular consumption business really felt good and i became aware of the fact that once you get out of the viscious circle of media consumption you can manage to get out of the over all consumption.In order to illustrate this i installed 3 boxes into a circle. On top of them i put a laptop, a monitor and a radio standing for the media surrounding us. In the middle of the circle i put a shopping cart filled with rubbish, standing for the mass of media information we are literally being attacked with.

The art-action took place OUTSIDE this consumption circle. This was to illustrate that art feels more free if we are not inside that media-circle.

The mannequin i put on the side of the living canvas represented the joy you feel when you surround yourself with nature.

To end the session i positioned my 3 models into the background painting i had painted in the beginning and splashed them in my own "old school action-painting" way!

Like many times before the end-result looked different than the original.The photographers last cherry on the top if you want.Oswin Eder sort of dipped the whole picture in blue...making it look really harmonic.


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