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Educating in South-Korea 2013, Bucheon and Cheongju, South Korea

When I left South-Korea in Aug. 2012 I already knew it wouldn't be the last time I've been there.

There have been far too many good and constructive chats with the responsible people from Bodypainting Asia, Chan Hee Park and his adorable assistant and translator Hayane Jang.


In July 2013 I got a call from Alex Barendregt asking if I could go to Seoul for 14 days, giving commercial bodypainting workshops.

I agreed voluntarily and 2 weeks later I was heading towards Korea.


Most of the workshops were held at BBS School in Bucheon. The school had a spare apartment in the building so that became my homebase for about a week.

The plan was to educate in Bucheon for 4 days then leave to Cheongju, give workshops at Beauté Art School for another 4 days and return to BBS for another 2 classes.

Mimi, the owner of BBS kept telling me how important it was for Korean makeup students to be educated by professional painters from abroad.She kept introducing me to other school directors from BBS and arranged a couple interviews with the local press.



Above: The school classes from BBS Bucheon

The BBS students

bodypainting_ws_bbs_artschoolMike Shane Bodypainting BBS School Bucheon South-Korea

Beauté Art School, Cheungju

Sometimes things are better...sometimes not! :) This trip to Cheongju was simply AMAZING! Not only did I have absolutely great, talented and motivated students, my hosts in Cheongju, Mr.Jinman and his lovely wife Sun Hee where simply perfect.


They introduced me to many local people and took me to dining places only insiders would know and find.By the way...the South-Korean cuisine is exquisite.

bodypainting_ws_bbs_artschoolMike Shane Bodypainting Beauté Artchool in Cheongju South-Korea

Above: My students at Beauté Art School in Cheongju

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