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Mike Shane offers a couple of interesting workshops on bodypainting. From commercial to creative. Workshops on drawing or fine-art painting on demand.

Opening creative doors! 

Duration: approx. 6 hrs

Beginners and Advanced


We are all born with amazing creative talent.


As we grow up a huge amount of this creativity is lost or "replaced" by scientific, lingual and other knowledge.

Never before have we had such an easy access to an enormous amount of information. And all this is happening faster than ever before.

Never before have we been in such a strenuous consummation situation .

We are literally being bombed with advertisement and find it VERY difficult to resist that "shiny, colorful "buyable" world.


This workshop is about "coming to peace", "returning to a basic state of mind", "searching for the initial creativity within us".

Be prepared to return to those roots...

be prepared to get confrontated with challenges you never thought you would relive again...

be prepared to get pushed to think and feel like a child.


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: colorcodes and symbolism

Part 3: digging into the brain :)


What to bring:


- Wax-Crayons

- plenty of A3 Paper


Commercial Bodypainting

Duration: 6-8 hrs.


A workshop about bodypainting in the world of advertisement.


-From the booking to the layouts to the endproduct.

-The professional approach and your responibility as a bodypainter.

-How to build up a bodypainting location.

-Working with vinyl as stencils.

-Briefing the models.

-Calculate a quotation.



Part 1: Einführung 

Part 2: Hands-on


Mit zu bringen:


- own brushes and bodypaints

- if possible your own model

- cutting knife

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