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Action Painting

action painting, also known as body-art-performance is a variant of bodypainting that uses coincidence as a creative element. the intuitive pouring and spilling of paint by the artist combines with paint already running down a body to create a maximum dynamic effect. in this variant, bodies will initially be given a foundation of paint using traditional paintbrush and sponge techniques, and will then be poured on, spilled on and splashed on in an appropriately chosen color. The art part of an action painting consists of defining the impact area of the splashed on and poured on paint in such a way as to make sure that the running paint creates the right element of tension in relation to the body, and to the foundation color. another crucial element in this regard is an optimal choice of location for the action painting: the background is of critical importance to the total composition of the artwork.

Mike Shane

Mike Shane was the first to pioneer this body-painting variant, which creates masterful dynamic colour combinations that continue to "live" on his models during the performance. Set to the accompaniment of cool DJ sounds or live music, an action painting event will take your audience on a colour trip they have never seen before.


Duration of the performance: 10-30 min.


Action Painting Plus


This new performance variation combines models and canvas to create an overall work of art. Whatever the narrative of your event, Mike will paint around the theme and/or the logo on the canvas. During the performance he will embed the model into the canvas backdrop and crown the achievement with an action painting to produce masterful combinations of colour and life.

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