Mike Shane guarantees 100% company recognition through picture-perfect logo reproduction on the body. His high-fidelity perfectionist approach has gained him global recognition as the "best logo-painter in the world".


"Branding" a model with your company logo takes about 4-6 hours of painting work. A painting session can happen "live" in front of an audience to maximize attention during a given period of time, or can take place backstage for a maximum surprise effect when models burst onto stage.


Live Paintings work perfectly for trade fairs, point-of-sale events, or any occasion that requires an eye-catching feature. Not only can visitors follow the painting process "live", they also keep returning to the see the work in progress.


This "yo-yo effect" presents an excellent opportunity to build costumer relations.

In addition, body-painted models can hand out small giveaways or flyers, or can pose with customers for souvenir photos.



Trade Fair Bodypainting

During trade fairs, we usually work with two models. One model gets painted in the morning while the other unpainted model starts to hand out flyers and promotes your product.


During the day the painted model takes over flyer distribution while the second one gets painted.


This ensures activity at your stand throughout the day.

We also know from experience that your brand identity will get additional coverage and exposure from the simple fact that visitors love getting pictures taken with our models...the pictures often shared with friends and associates over social networks - more exposure for your product.

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